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Band Fees

school year 2024-2025

How can I pay?

Option 1

Keller High School Band Participation Fee

2nd Sibling

2nd KHS wind/percussion/colorguard student

School Instrument Rental


KISD Web Store


Coming Soon!

This only applies to those students using KISD school instruments. This fee covers the usage of a marching AND concert instrument. 

There is a 3% processing fee with a $10 max per transaction.

Percussion Instrument Fee

Marching Shoes

For new members or replacement pairs.


Option 2

Pay By Check

The items that are purchased through the Keller Band are payable to KHS Band

Varsity Band Student Travel Fee


Band Meal Plan (optional)

Available for purchase through the boosters on Registration Day.

Game day meals are served immediately after school before a football game.  This allows quick turnaround so kids can eat, practice and get ready for the game.  This meal plan is offered to make it easier on the parents.  If you don't wish to participate in the meal plan, you will need to make sure your student packed a meal or you have one ready immediately after school is out.


* Special Diet Menus are available for $100.

2023 KHS Marching Band Shopping List (page 3 of the document)

Photo by DFW Gallery
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