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Guide For Parents

Welcome to The Keller High School Band Program! Band is a rewarding experience for both students and parents. Topics on this page will provide you with highlights and links to resources. For a more comprehensive welcome and overview of the band program for parents, we encourage you to  view the PowerPoint below.  
Marching Band and Color Guard (August-November)

During the Marching season, marching band and color guard perform regularly at football games and marching contests.

Concert Band / Winter Guard (November-May)

During the Spring semester, the Band will enter Concert season and the Color Guard will enter Winter Guard season, each having its own set of competitions. The Band will be divided up into four concert bands – Wind Ensemble (1st Band), Symphonic Band (2nd Band), Concert Band 1 (3rd Band) and Concert Band 2 (4th Band). During the month of May in the prior school year, auditions are held to determine placement of students into each one of these concert bands. All the concert bands will be working on music in preparation for UIL competitions and Solo competitions.


The Keller High School Band and Color Guard / Winter Guard organizations hold high standards for their students, staff, and booster members. This group stresses the importance of upholding integrity in every area and strives for excellence. It offers opportunities which are not as readily available in many schools in this area. You and your student are part of an awesome group of people. Participation in your student’s Band and Guard career will be rewarding for all!

Band Boosters Organization

The Keller High School Band Boosters Organization is operated as a cooperative effort between parents, alumni, Band Booster board members, and the Band Directors. The Boosters assist in many aspects of the band program. Parents are highly encouraged to attend the monthly meetings, volunteer, and be an integral part of their student’s band experience. An informational meeting for prospective students will take place in the Spring of your child’s 8th grade year. Also, a parent meeting will be held at the end of May the same week as the Band Camp sessions.  

In August, there will be a day called Registration Day.  Your band student and one adult will be required to attend.  Once there, you will have an opportunity to join the Band Boosters Organization. You will also be signed up to receive the weekly KHS Band Booster newsletter.  This newsletter is sent electronically to your email at the beginning of each week.  It will list all the weekly band activities along with details regarding dates, time and locations.


A yearly calendar is available via our website. You may also subscribe to this calendar and receive updates automatically as they are made.

Summer Band Rehearsals begin July 26 and continue through the end of the week before school starts (approximately 3 weeks). These rehearsals are mandatory in order to participate in the marching show. We recommend that you schedule your vacations before this time. Students who do not attend any part of Summer Band will miss out on valuable information, learning skills, techniques, and master classes. It will be a challenge for them to catch up and will make them at a disadvantage when it comes time for marching spots to be selected for the contest show.

Summer Band Camp 2023-2024

To familiarize our incoming 9th graders with our band program, we hold a Summer Band Camp at the end of the school year during their 8th grade year. Middle school band directors will be relaying information on this camp.

Band Fees

Each year Band Fees are collected from each student to pay for expenses incurred in the various activities of the Band / Color Guard and the Booster operations. The amount of the fees varies from year to year, depending on the amount of competitions and travel that take place during the year. To assist in payment of these fees, fundraising opportunities are made available to help students and parents raise money for their fees.

Fundraising Opportunities

Students will have opportunities during the school year to earn money to put towards our annual band trips.


The Keller High School band has three types of "uniforms" during the school year - the casual uniform, the marching uniform, and the concert uniform.

The Summer Uniform – This consists of a Band T-shirt, khaki shorts, a brown belt, and athletic shoes. You will need to purchase these items before Summer Band begins.

The Marching Uniform - Students will be fitted and assigned marching band uniforms. In addition, you will need to purchase marching shoes, white gloves, and long black socks – shoes and gloves can be ordered at the Band Registration Day.

The Concert Uniform – Prior to concert season (late fall), guys will be assigned a tuxedo and will be required to purchase a white tuxedo shirt, a black bow tie and cummerbund, black socks, and black dress shoes. Girls will need to purchase a black top, black pants or black skirt, black hose, and black dress shoes.

The Color Guard orders its own uniforms for each performance. The requirements for other items needed are written in detail in the Color Guard handbook which is provided at the beginning of the year.

Keller Band Mentor Parents

If you have a question, please send an email to your appropriate mentor parent.  Mentor parents are assigned by instrument group.  They are your first point of contact for general questions about rehearsals and events as well as an excellent source for general information.

                                                                                                                                                   BAND HANDBOOK
 Please take some time and read through this very important document.  Most of the information in the handbook carries over from year to year (descriptions of the program, policies and guidelines, etc.), but specific information related to band fees, schedules, band classes, etc. undergo revisions every year.  Please note that information is always subject to change at the band directors’ discretion.  Parents and students are always encouraged, however, to familiarize themselves with the handbook’s contents for a general understanding of band program history, structure and guidelines.
Photo by Michael Chumley
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