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Marching Band Overview

All members of the Keller High School Band participate in marching band.

Much like our concert ensembles, the KHS marching band consists of two ability-based bands. 


Varsity Band

This is a select group that will represent KHS at contests. This group is limited in size

and is predominantly made up of older, more experienced marchers and follows a more

rigorous practice and performance schedule. 


Junior Varsity Band (JV)

This group is predominantly made up of younger, less experienced marchers.

The primary focus of this group is training in marching and playing skills

in order to increase each individual student’s ability level. 


We combine the Varsity and JV groups into The Pride of Keller.

This is the 310-member group that will perform at football games, pep rallies, parades, etc. 


We combine for some of the rehearsals in August, but the majority of time

we split to work on specific skills for each ensemble.

History of the Blue Dot

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